Autumn Budget 2018 Capital Allowances

Autumn Budget 2018 Capital Allowances

The Autumn Budget in 2018 confirmed the following changes to capital allowances:

Structures and building allowance

A new capital allowance will be available for new non-residential structures and buildings.

The capital allowance is at a rate of 2% on a straight line basis.

It is only available where all the contracts for the construction works are agreed on or after 29 October 2018.

Capital allowances special rate

From April 2019 the capital allowances on assets included in the special rate pool will reduce. The reduction will be from 8% down to 6%.

Assets which typically would be included in the special rate pool include:

  • long-life assets,
  • integral features,
  • and cars with c02 in excess of 110g/km.

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