CIS Tax Deduction Calculator

CIS Tax Deduction Calculator

Our CIS Tax Deduction Calculator can assist contractors in calculating the correct deductions to make. It will work for all types of subcontractors – Gross 0% CIS Deduction, Net 20% CIS Deduction and Unregistered 30% CIS Deduction.

It has also been updated for the VAT reverse charge requirements which apply from 1st March 2021. (N.B The introduction has been delayed by over a year. Previous date was 1st October 2019).

To enable you to complete the CIS Tax Deduction Calculator below are some blogs which you may therefore find useful:

CIS Helpsheets

At Patterson Hall Chartered Accountants we are experts within all aspects of the Construction Industry Scheme. We have produced an ultimate guide to all things CIS with many user friendly helpsheets and examples. Take a look at our CIS Accountants guide.

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