How to Esign Documents

Esign Software

As part of our drive to be as paperless as possible, we use esign software, which lets our clients approve documents digitally.

No longer will you receive an envelope in the post full of pages of financial documents to sign. Our esign software takes away this hassle, it is very easy to use and it is also legally binding & secure.

Below we go through the simple steps which are required to digitally approve documents from ourselves.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

8 simple steps on how to use our esign service.

  1. Receive the email from ourselves

    You will receive an email from ourselves stating that Patterson Hall Chartered Accountants have requested you to sign a document.
    The email will look like the image below. You need to click on the blue box within your email and the document should open in your web browser (e.g Chrome).

  2. Enter a password

    For security purposes you may be required to enter a password. This will have been provided to you either by text message or in a separate email. Enter the password provided and click unlock envelope.

  3. Welcome to our esign software

    The next screen that appears will be a welcome screen. You can click show me how it works but as you are reading this blog now, we recommend just selecting ‘No Thanks’.

  4. Review the documents

    The documents will now be available to view. When you are satisfied that everything is correct, just select the signature box as shown below.

  5. Sign the document

    A signature box will now appear. You can either draw a signature or if preferred you can select type signature which allows you to type your name. Alternatively select upload if you already have a saved signature available.

  6. Enter the date of signing

    A calendar box will appear. Just click on todays date and then confirm.
    NOTE: Depending on how many documents are to be signed steps 5 and 6 may need to be repeated several times.

  7. Esign completed

    After completing all of the signatures and date boxes you will receive a message confirming that the envelope has been signed.

  8. Receive an email confirmation

    After completing steps 1 to 7 you will then receive an email with a PDF copy of your signed documents. These documents are for you to retain. You can print them out if you prefer paper copies or just save the digital copy of them somewhere safe.
    We also receive a notification that the documents have been approved. At this point we will file the documents with HMRC and Companies House (if applicable).

Should you have any problems with the esign process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

DISCLAIMER – Please note that the content contained in this article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional advice – read our full disclaimer

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