How to Register for Making Tax Digital?

Making Tax Digital

How to Register for Making Tax Digital (MTD)?

Need help registering for MTD?

All your questions resolved with our MTD registration blogs.

How to register for Making Tax Digital?

Many businesses are struggling with the implementation of Making Tax Digital for VAT. It is a process which is only simple when you know how to register for Making Tax Digital.

As a firm of Chartered Accountants we have completed the registration for most of our clients. This has given us the experience and knowledge which we have shared online in numerous blog posts.

We have created a bespoke website which will answer all your questions.

Below is a summary of the main items.

What is Making Tax Digital all about?

HMRC believe that maintaining manual records causes errors to be made. As a result businesses aren’t paying all of their taxes due. The HMRC solution is to revolutionise the tax system by bringing it online.

The main requirement of Making Tax Digital is that records are retained in a digital format i.e using software (including spreadsheets).

For further info – MTD Explained

Who is affected?

All businesses with taxable turnover over £85,000 which are VAT registered must comply with MTD.

For further info – MTD Taxable Turnover

What date does Making Tax Digital start?

Making Tax Digital is mandatory for affected businesses from 1 April 2019. The business VAT quarter affects the enrolment start date and deadline date.

For further info – MTD VAT Deadline

What must businesses do?

Step 1 – Businesses must decide how they intend to keep records digitally. They can use any of the major software providers or use spreadsheets such as excel. When using spreadsheets bridging software is often required.

For further info – MTD Keeping Records DigitallyMTD and Excel (Including Bridging Software)

Step 2 – Affected businesses aren’t automatically enrolled into MTD. They must register themselves. We have created a step by step guide which explains in detail how to register for Making Tax Digital.

For further info – MTD VAT Registration Guide

Step 3 – The final requirement is to link the software in step 1 to the registration in step 2. This authorises the software to file the VAT returns.

For further info – Authorise MTD Software

Further blogs on how to register for Making Tax Digital

There are a few business types which are exempt and there are some businesses which are deferred for 6 months.

For further info – MTD ExemptionsMTD Deferral

What are the Penalties?

Hopefully, the blogs above will ensure that you comply fully with the new Making Tax Digital rules. However our final blog explains the potential penalties you may incur for non-compliance.

For further info – MTD VAT Penalties

Conclusion on how to register for Making Tax Digital

We hope you found our online guides helpful. However, if you are still struggling with Making Tax Digital please contact us on [email protected].

DISCLAIMER – Please note that the content contained in this article is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional advice – read our full disclaimer

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