Self-Employed to receive further grant in August

Self Employed Grant August

Self-Employed can claim up to £6,570 as a second grant to cover lost income in June, July and August.

Below we answer the most popular questions regarding this second and final grant for the Self-Employed.

When can I claim the second and final Self-Employed grant and when will I receive the money?

The HMRC online service to claim the second Self-Employed grant will be available in August 2020.

The Self-Employed grant claim in August will be paid within a few days of applying. The first claim was typically paid within a week.

How much can I claim and is it the same as the first grant?

The first Self-Employment grant paid 80% of regular profits for 3 months up to a maximum of £7,500.00.

The August grant is slightly lower paying 70% of regular profits for 3 months up to a maximum of £6,570.00.

Am I eligible to claim the Self-Employment grant?

The rules to claim the Self-Employment grant in August are almost identical to the original grant claim.

As a result if you weren’t eligible for the original grant you won’t be eligible for this second grant.

The only additional requirement for the August grant is that the business has been adversely affected from 14th July 2020.

What does adversely affected mean?

Examples provided by HMRC include you are having to shield, off sick with coronavirus, self-isolating or have caring responsibilities. Also, if the business has been adversely affected as supply chain has been interrupted, you have fewer customers or your staff are unable to work.

See some of the detailed examples provided by HMRC on adversely affected.

Why is the adversely affected date the 14th July?

The grant claim is to cover the months of June, July and August. Therefore it does seem strange to have a condition that the business must be adversely affected from 14th July 2020.

The only reason we can assume as to why this date has been introduced is to reduce the number of claims.

There will be a significant number of Self-Employed businesses still adversely affected in June. Retail doesn’t return until 15th June, building sites are still slow to return, schools are mostly shut. Therefore the hope must be that over the next 4 weeks more and more businesses will return.

As a result the cost to the treasury of paying the second Self-Employed grants in August will be reduced with this 14th July condition.

Can I claim the August grant if I didn’t claim the first Self-Employed grant?

Yes, Self-Employed individuals can claim either grants or both if conditions are satisfied.

An example of this could be where a business has been able to trade normally throughout. In August the staff are forced to self-isolate for 14 days ceasing all trade. This would be an acceptable reason to claim the August grant but not the first Self-Employment grant.

My business was adversely affected but I haven’t claimed the grant. Can I still claim?

Yes the original Self-Employed grant is still available to claim. You must make the claim on or before 13th July 2020.

To claim the original Self-Employment Grant Claim.

Where can I find more information on the Self-Employed grant claim?

For further guidance on the Self-Employed Grant Claim.

To see how much you can claim see our Self-Employed Grant Claim Calculator.

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